1. If your property/method doesn't appear after running doc generation,
    that means you need to specify @memberOf in object literal

    • My module
    • @module moduleA /
    var moduleA = { /*
  2. Init process
  3. @memberOf module:moduleA */
  4. init: function() { } };
    But if you are using prototype, you don't need to do this; jsdoc would know the relationship.

  5. {@private|@access private} marked section would not appear in the document unless you do specify -p when running jsdoc.

  6. If your google closure linter is not happy when you do |git commit|, add a tag here:

  7. Use conf.json to release you from typing a long command to generate the docs. Mine: https://gist.github.com/alivedise/7904430

  8. Since jsdoc supports markdown, there's nothing could prevent us from having an architecture diagram image in the doc instead of drawing with ASCII characters.
    Sample: http://alivedise.github.io/gaia-system-jsdoc/module-AppWindowManager.html#init
    (I'm using http://cacoo.com but open to know if there's any better solution for making diagrams/flowcharts.)


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